Community Spotlight: Richmond Family Place

It was such a nice surprise to have been invited to visit the Richmond Family Place’s main site the other day.


What I was introduced to was a fantastic family resource center with … 

–  a large playroom where I observed parents and their children participating in a sing along session
– an outdoor garden where kids get to plant their vegetables and eat them too!

– a large outdoor playground
 – A bright sunny kitchen where family dinners are held on Wednesday nights  (mom and dads – no dishes!)
– Multilingual staff and staff trained as early childhood workers
– Programs such as “nobody’s’ perfect,” “make the connection,” “mother goose,” and postpartum support groups. 
– Frequent visits from a speech language pathologist, a public health nurse, a nutritionist, an optometrist for eye screening, and staff from CHIMO (Newcomers assistance) 
 – A volunteer run thrift shop that provides discount or free items to families in crisis 

Find out more about their  specific Programs and Events. 

richmond family place photo

The Family Place believes that all parents do the best that they can.  The staff support parents through their stresses so that they can focus their attention on their children and help them develop.  They provide a safe place for parents to meet other families for those who do not have a large network in Richmond.

Most of their programs are drop in after a $20 or “pay what you can” annual membership fee.

They run programs out of many sites in Richmond – so think about stopping by the next time you want to spend some quality time with your children!

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