Do Babies Need Tummy Time?

The New York Times posted the article ‘Tummy Time’ may not be needed recently.

The article was prompted by a Canadian research study which showed that the “Back to Sleep” campaign (to prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) did not change the timing of when babies developed their ability to roll front-to-back or back-to-front.   This is great news!


The study however, didn’t study the other potential benefits of tummy time (besides rolling)

Tummy time may help…

  1. strengthen muscles in the neck, back, and shoulder – which will help your baby learn to sit, crawl, feed
  2. cognitive development.  It allows your baby to be more vertical and see the room with a different perspective, providing more environment stimulation, which helps with learning
  3. with preventing a flat head (position plagiocephaly)  from development
  4. with visual development – tracking and focusing on objects
  5. reduce torticollis and help stretch neck muscles

I would consider tummy time for infants “age appropriate” exercise!

Categories: Ask A Pediatrician, Behaviour and Development, Parenting, Physical Activity, Sleep

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