Canadian Health Report Card: Kids Need to Start Moving More!

Health Report Card_Overall Phys ActivityThe Active Healthy Kids Canada annual report card on the health of Canadian children is out! Since 2005, the report card has helped provide the general public with valuable information about how children and youth in Canada are doing with regard to health and physical activity.

Overall, Canada gets a poor grade of D- in physical activity!

In comparison to 14 other countries around the world, we rank in the bottom 5! (See the Overall Physical Activity List of Countries below)

Health Report Card_Country Overall Phys Activity Comparison
Canada, like most other well-developed countries, have the infrastructure and physical activity programs available for children in school, in the community and organized sports…but children just aren’t using them.  Why?

Canadian children have grown up in a “culture of convenience.” The social norm is to drive kids to school and other places rather than let him bike or walk.

Another trend seen is that when kids have free time, much of that time is spent being sedentary, such as in front of the computer and television.

What can we do to improve?

1. Involve kids in a variety of physical activities such as organized sport, active play and active transportation (one strategy is insufficient!)

2. Parents should let their kids go outside and play

3. Establish reasonable rules on time spent using the television or other screen usage


For more information on the Canadian Health Report Card, check out the website at Active Healthy Kids Canada.

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