Outcomes in Child Health (OUTCH) Study: What matters to you and your family?

The OUTCH Study (Outcomes in Child Health) hopes to learn what’s important to you when your child is sick. Help them improve health care for children! Your child’s health – what matters most?

What’s the study about?

The Point: Illnesses that affect breathing are common in kids. They want to know about the experiences you and your child have had with one of these conditions.

The information you provide can help answer some important questions.

​The Questions:

(1) What is most important to parents when their child is sick?

(2) How can we use this information to help give the best possible care to kids?

(3) Can we use social media to connect with parents to help us answer important health care questions?


Your part in the study will be to answer questions about your experience with your child’s illness through a discussion board on Facebook. They will ask new questions every week and will gather information from parents who get involved in the discussion.​ They will continue the discussion for an 8 week period between February 1st and March 28th, 2016.


Your participation is welcome at any time, and you are always free to stop participating.

For more information, visit http://www.outch-study.com/home.html or check out their Facebook page and join in the discussion!



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