May 7th is National Child and Youth Mental Health Day!

On May 7th, all Canadians are encouraged to get involved and help connect children and youth with parents and caring adults. “Share the Care” by wearing green on May 7th and showing your support on Facebook or Twitter.


School connectedness:

  • focuses on building strong, positive relationships—among students, between students and school staff, and between school staff, families and the larger community
  • presence of caring relationships in schools is increasingly recognized as a vital component of successful schools
  • research is strong and consistent; students who feel connected to school do better academically and are healthier
  • For more information about activities in your area Click Here!

There are also many programs and organizations that support positive mental health in BC. The resources shared below, and many more, can be found on the Healthy Schools BC website.


  • The FRIENDS Program: The FRIENDS program is a 10-12 week classroom-based, anxiety prevention and resiliency program, delivered by teachers for students in kindergarten to Grade 7. The FRIENDS Program also has a parent component whereby parents and caregivers are taught ways they can reinforce the FRIENDS program skills at home.
  • iMinds: iMinds is a collection of health education resources that address multiple areas of BC’s new curriculum.  The resources seek to maximize young people’s drug literacy—the knowledge and skills they need to survive and thrive in a world where caffeine, tobacco, alcohol and other drug use is common. Resources are available for elementary, middle and secondary school students in English and French.
  • F.O.R.C.E. Society for Kids’ Mental Health: F.O.R.C.E. is a provincial organization that provides families with an opportunity to connect with other families who understand and may be able to offer support or advice on what has worked for them. The organization works to support and empower families and work collaboratively with professionals in order to meet the mental health needs of families.
  • Kelty Mental Health Resource Centre: The Kelty Mental Health Resource Centre offers options for support and treatment in BC, tips for self-help and prevention, as well as a free monthly educational pinwheel series for families, educators and clinicians. Visit their website for resources and events.
  • is a young adult-focused, interactive website where visitors can check out how they’re feeling and connect to support early and quickly. Support includes education, self-help tools, website links, and assistance in connecting to local professional resources.
  • HeretoHelp: HeretoHelp is the website of a group of seven of BC’s leading mental health non-profit agencies working together to help people of all ages better prevent and manage mental health and substance use problems. Their website contains dozens of useful resources for educators.
  • JCSH Positive Mental Health Toolkit: This is an online resource that promotes positive mental health practices and perspectives within a school environment.


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