Your Appointment

Once your family doctor, the emergency physician, or the walk-in doctor decides that your child needs to see a pediatrician, he or she will send us a referral.  Our office will then call you to set up an appointment and give you any other instruction that you need (fill out new patient forms).

Getting the most out of your visit

  1. Timing:  Choose your appointment time carefully with your child in mind – when is your child most likely to be cooperative. Please arrive 10 minutes early to the appointment so we can ensure that we have all the necessary information.  For a new consultation, expect to be at the office for 30-60 minutes.
  2. Organize: Write down questions and prioritize
  3. Details are important: if you have specific concerns start to think about the particulars – how long as it been going on? getting worse? what have you tried? what websites have you been reading?
  4. Prepare your child for the visit: Maintain a positive attitude about the visit, warn your son or daughter about what might happen.  You can even practice before hand with a toy doctor kit!  If your child is older, discuss that he or she may be seen alone.
  5. What to wear: Generally, we like to undress everyone fully for an examination so wear something that is not too cumbersome to take off and put on.  Bring a blanket for the baby to keep him or her warm.  If we’re seeing your child for knee pain for example, bring a pair of shorts to make it easier to see the knees!
  6. What to bring: books, toys, snacks, fluids, diapers, change of clothes, health card, immunization record, list of meds or the medications themselves, forms that need to be filled out, bring a partner to help if you can.
  7. Transfer of care: If your child has been seen by other pediatricians previously it would be helpful to transfer some of those records to our office.

TEENS:  For your first visit, we’d love to see you with your mom or dad, but for subsequent visits you can come alone if that’s what you’d prefer.

**Adapted from Today’s Parent

If you have not heard from our office in a timely period

Call our office to make certain the referral has been received.

Follow Up Appointments

These appointments will be arranged at your first visit if one is required.  Follow ups are generally shorter and take 10-20 minutes.


You will need a re-referral is

1) Your child has been seen previously in the clinic but has developed a new problem.  We’d like to be able to assess the new problem properly with a “new consult ” rather than with a follow up appointment.   It also allows you to maintain a relationship with your primary care provider.
2) If it has been 6 months or more since your child has been seen in the office

Canceling or Rescheduling Appointments

These appointment times are reserved especially for you.  We do our best to respect everybody’s time and so it is important that you contact our office to let us know of any changes you required at least 24 hours in advance.   Please see our office policy on “No Show Policy”

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