Sometimes we may require the use of information from third parties to determine what services your child requires. Parents may bring this permission form into their child’s appointment:
Consent Form to Release Information


For Headaches:
If your child is experiencing headaches or migraines, you may fill out a headache diary prior to the appointment – preferably for at least 2 weeks:
Headache Diary

For Sleep Issues:

If your child is experiencing sleep issues, you may be asked to fill out a sleep diary:
Sleep Diary for Teenagers
Sleep Diary for Everyone Else



Parents, teachers, and adolescents can all utilize the option to complete the ADHD assessment forms (SNAP IV) online via: ADHD Rating Scales (follow instructions on website).  These forms can then be printed and brought to the visit, or will be emailed directly to the office.  Please also bring in report cards and other relevant assessments (psychology etc).

If you prefer written hard-copies, please find them below:

For Teachers and Caregivers
Weiss Diagnostic Screen
Weiss Functional Impairment – Parent Report
Family History Questionnaire(for parents)

For Students/Patients
Weiss Functional Impairment Scale – Self Report
Record of Possible Side Effects

ADHD Checklist
Teacher Assessment Form (for teachers)
Functional Assessment Form (for parents)



Is your child’s development normal?  If you’re concerned about this or if this is the reason you’ve been referred to Richmond Pediatrics, you may be asked to fill in these questionnaires.

Ages & Stages  – Developmental milestones
2 months4 Months6 Months8 Months9 Months10 Months12 Months14 Months16 Months18 Months20 Months22 Months24 Months27 Months30 Months33 Months36 Months42 Months48 Months54 Months60 Months

Ages & Stages – Social, Emotional milestones
6 Months12 Months18 Months24 Months30 Months36 Months48 Months60 Months

Autism Forms
6-20 Months (CSBS DP Infant-Toddler Checklist)
20-30 Months (MCHAT Form)
4-11 Years (CAST Form)

Failure to Thrive

If you are concerned about your child’s height, weight loss, size or dropping percentiles, you may be asked to bring growth charts or your child’s passport with growth measurements on it.



Please fill out the appropriate form to bring in to your next appointment with the pediatrician.

For Anxiety:
Questionnaire for Parents (for your child 8-11 years old)
Questionnaire for Child

For Depression:
Questionnaire for Depression (KADS) (for teenagers)

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